Shooting in Uruguay

We are traveling down to Uruguay to shoot a documentary directed by Thea Bieling, about Carnival. We will be exploring the music, tradition, people and politics surrounding the forty day festival.   


Recently shot singer/songwriter Juno Brown playing her original song “Take It Slow”

Pay the Piper - UMFF Film Festival

Pay The Piper, a short film we shot for director by Changa Rose, is screening at the  11th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, October 12.

Kwame Darko ft. Juno Brown

Up and coming hip-hop legend Kwame Darko performed an energetic and inspired set at the Katra Lounge in the Lower East Side, NYC.  The young rap star was backed by the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Juno Brown.

Check out their new video for “Beautiful Thing”

Recently featured on CCA’s website

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BETTEN paints a large mural on 29th Street and 10th Ave NYC.

NYC street artist BETTEN painting a mural in Brooklyn.

“My subjects are usually people and animals. Interesting characters who I have met, or animals that have some kind of spiritual significance to me. “

Street Art: BEETEN

Jordan Betten is a NYC based artist, who’s signature line work and abstract characters can be found on walls, billboards, canvases and T-shirts.

Betten recently painted this beautiful mural on the busy corner of 29th St. and 10th Ave. 

Betten is known for his visually striking painting style as well as being the founder of Lost Art.


"Ode to the Neutrino"  is the result of a recent collaboration with experimental musician/animator Molly Allis.

Molly’s mother left her an unbelievable phone message which started a snowball effect of silly DIY creation.

Nevada County Shirts

We have started printing limited edition T-shirts of the shape of our origin and upbringing, Nevada County, California.

Nevada County is located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is home to a wealth of undiscovered artistic talent and beautiful unexploited natural resources.

Story has it that the state of Nevada stole our name during the gold rush, so we drew our county lines in the shape of a hand gun pointing towards the fraudulent state.